Zara, the Founder of Octa, built a chatbot for kids because she loves to travel, learn about new places, meet kids from other cultures, have yummy exotic food — and wants *everyone* to experience the fun. She's been putting her travels on her Facebook Show “Zara’s Travels.”  



Here's Episode 1 from the Summer 2018 adventure from Inverness to Istanbul. We'll be continuing the journey through 2019 and 2020 until we reach Singapore -- all by train! In this episode, Zara kicks off her journey from Inverness, Scotland. She searches for the Loch Ness Monster, scales the Edinburgh Castle 🏰, catches a Shakespeare play in Stratford📝, imitates the Druids of Stonehenge and hangs out at the Tower of London and Greenwich Observatory. 🇬🇧

Zara's grand summer journey across Europe by train continues! 🚄🌏 In this episode she visits the Mona Lisa 🎨and Picasso in Paris, and visits Versaillies to find the youngest of the many kings named Louis. 👸🏾🤴🏻After that it's on to the fabled Neuschwanstein castle outside Munich, devouring Sachertotre in Vienna🍰, learning how the plucky Hungarians fended off invaders,⚔️ and a red-eye night-train to Belgrade!😴 Don't you just love Europe, folks?! 🇪🇺🇫🇷🇩🇪🇦🇹🇭🇺🇷🇸


In the final episode from this summer's grand European journey, Zara arrives in Istanbul 🇹🇷 to explore how today's Young Turks live. She goes to the high-tech TINK School, visits the fabled Hagia Sofia 🕌 and super-fun MiniTurk amusement park, and gazes out at next summer's destination: Asia!


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